The Importance of Natural Hair III

To wrap up this series I thought it would be best if I gave all those interested, some tips and advice on how to begin looking after your hair; youtubers and Instagrammers who could help you to learn about your natural hair but who could also help you love your natural and to help you feel comfortable in embracing your hair texture. I also will share some of my favourite products for my hair from the budget friendly brands to the high-end brands.

Tips and Advice:

1. My first piece of advice to a new natural would be to understand that it is okay to not initially love your hair and feel comfortable wearing it out. You’re not used to the texture or used to being able to accept your hair for the way it is and making the decision to start embracing it isn’t straight forward. There are days when your going to hate your hair, want to give up the journey, go back to perming your hair and or constantly wearing straight weaves and that feeling is fine! However, I encourage you to press on please don’t give up, it is such a liberating feeling loving yourself whole heartedly and not feeling as though you have to sacrifice a part of yourself to be beautiful. The journey is never smooth but the outcome and the things you learn about yourself and your hair makes it worthwhile!

2. Secondly, get familiar with your hair texture; try to work out whether your hair is curly, coily or kinky- the difference between these textures is how tight the curls are: curly hair can be loose or wavy, coily = tight curls and kinky ranges between extremely tight curls to a somewhat zig-zag shaped texture. Understanding this about your hair is important as it indicates how much moisture your hair requires. Curlier hair requires lots more moisture than loose curls, so when watching youtubers try to watch those whose hair resembles yours that way when they recommend products these products are more likely to be compatible for you.

3. Water is your friend! As a lack of moisture tends to be the main cause of breakage, applying water to your hair is the best way to keep your hair moisturised. To seal the moisture, ensure to use and oil or cream.

4. Lastly but one of the most important tips is to be patient! Be patient with the speed of your hair growth, your hair will grow it just requires consistency and a good a hair regimen and also be patient with yourself your bound to make mistakes but you will learn from them and be able to look after your hair all by yourself eventually.

Favourite Products!

To keep my hair healthy, I need a good shampoo to clean my scalp of all dirt, residue and accumulation of product. I then need a moisturising deep conditioner to restore the moisture the shampoo would have removed. A good leave in conditioner to keep my hair moisturised whilst its styled. Finally, a mixture of oils and a thick cream to seal in the moisture


My top two favourite hair shampoos are, shea moistures African black soap deep cleansing shampoo and the shea moistures yucca and plantain anti-breakage strengthening shampoo.
These shampoos effectively clean my scalp and hair strands without leaving my hair feeling dry and brittle. It also allows me to be able to detangle and manipulate my hair making the washing process much easier.
These shampoos are pretty expensive and tend to be £10.99 however they last for a very long time as a little really does go a long way.
Unfortunately, I do not have any cheaper options because any other shampoo I’ve used has dried my hair out however feel free to try some other options out.

Deep Conditioner

My all time favourite deep conditioners are:
– Shea moistures superfruit complex 10- in- 1 multi benefit hair masque with marula oil and biotin (my favourite !!) £10.99-£12.99
– Shea moistures manuka honey and mafura oil intensive hydration hair masque with African rock fig & baobab oil. £10.99-£12.99
– Cantu shea butters deep treatment masque £ 4.99
These deep conditioners are fully absorbed by my hair and leave my hair feeling soft and well moisturised and also make detangling my hair much easier.

Leave in conditioner:

This does not have to be a product that solely has the purpose of being a leave in conditioner but should be a thick water-based cream that leaves your hair feeling soft and full of moisture; as you progress within your natural hair journey you will be able to make this judgement for yourself.
As a leave in I only use cantu shea butters leave in conditioner as I feel it is easily absorbed within my hair strands, it’s extremely affordable (£4.99) and is long lasting.


These are possibly one of the most important for your hair as it help to lock in moisture, keeps the hair shiny and full I tend to prefer less viscous oils as they don’t coat on my hair.
– Olive oil
– Castor oil
– Lavender oil
– Peppermint oil
These oils are my favourites as they lock in moisture as well as strengthen my hair. These are also good for the scalp as it prevents the scalp from being dry.


For my hair I like to use:                                                                                                                       – As I am’s moisture milk £10.99-£12.99                                                                                            – Shea moistures coconut and hibiscus curl & shine style milk £10.99
Unfortunately, these products are also on the pricey side however, they work really well for my hair. Despite this, I must encourage that what will work for me may not work for you and you could find a lot of cheaper hair products which do wonders for your hair it’s all about experimenting with your hair!


– A spray bottle full of water, this is just to spray on your hair and to keep your hair moisturised and healthy.                                                                                                                     – I also wanted to recommend my favourite and only gel that I use being the Eco styler Olive oil gel. It’s the only gel that I feel slick my hair without drying it out and causes breakage. (However, I do suggest that gel is used in moderation as when I was using it every day it did cause my hair to break due to harsh brushing in aim to get a sleek bun)   – Steaming my hair is also another step I use to look after my hair as it unlocks further moisture within my hair leaving it softer and making manipulation much easier

Youtubers and Instagrammers:


My all-time favourite natural hair youtubers are:
– Fusion of cultures
– Bubs Bee
– NickyBNatural
– Jaelah Oneil
– Naturally Temi
– Trophdoph
– Ambrosia Marlbrough
These youtubers have a similar hair texture to me (4a-c) and have given me confidence and helped me to love and embrace my hair. They have also helped me with finding techniques on how to manage my hair and how to retain length. They also tend to be very open with any hair struggles that they have which make me also feel at ease when I’m having troubles with my hair as I look up to them so the fact that they have gone through it as well which normalizes the issue. I would definitely recommend them to any natural starting their journey.


– Lilian okibe
– Fromato4z
– Naturally Chantal
– Naturally_high_hair
– Neptunesquest
– Halfricanbeaute
– Curlllyy_head
– Musette

These Instagrammers, help me to normalize seeing afro’s and protective styling with my natural hair and so therefore encourage me to feel comfortable styling and going out with my natural hair. Some do tutorials of styles the like to rock and others give advice on the page about their hair all in all I think they are all worth a follow!
This is now the end of my three-part natural hair series, there are a lot more points to cover within this topic which I intend to cover in upcoming posts. I hope it has been as informative as I hoped it would be. If any of you would like any additional help or advice with regard to your natural hair please feel free to dm me on Instagram @_kimberley.xox . Also ensure to do some research of your own this will help you a great deal and will give you a lot more depth. I hope this helped you all to consider being natural and embracing your hair.


4a-c: this is a hair type, it start from 1-4 and has different extremes ranging from a-c; e.g 2a = loose waves,3b = thick curls ,4c= kinky curls
Protective styling: ways in which naturals style their hair in order for their hair to maintain moisture and to prevent hair from breakage and the end of the hair from becoming dry. Examples of such are: braids, twists, hair buns, wigs and weaves

Written by Kimberley Nwaeze

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