PRBLMTC is an blog launched in January 2019

The aim of PRBLMTC is to provide a voice for women of colour and marginalised people of colour. To open up the conversation and start to include topics that society would otherwise deem problematic or controversial. To create a space in which we can deal with the more difficult conversations surrounding our identity. Most importantly, to celebrate the work of women of colour and non-binary people of colour.

PRBLMTC was founded by Gift Onomor with the support of Kimberley Nwaeze and Afua Ansah who felt that there wasn’t enough conversation surrounding their identity and the issues they faced in society. Therefore, they decided to create a space in which these conversations could take place, a platform where they could celebrate their identity and the marginalised identities of others. For more information about the founders, please visit the Meet the Team page.

We are always interested in welcoming more people to the team, so, if you’d like to submit a one-off piece please visit our Submission page. Instead, if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to the site or for any other inquiries, please visit our Contact page.